A fruit snack connoisseur/jack of all trades living in Sacramento, CA whose passionate about making beautiful things.
Bub is a small HTML5 game project made in a few hours using art drawn on sticky notes.
Play and find more information about Bub here: koalamo.itch.io/bub
Plato is a point-and-click adventure game created for the 2014 Indie game humble bundle contest.
It was written, illustrated, and developed by me in just a few weeks for the contest deadline.
Download and find more information here: koalamo.itch.io/plato
Dota Streaker is a simple web app for players of the online competitive game, Dota 2.
With the app, you can input your player ID (Steam ID) and return your losing/winning streak along with a humorous message making fun (or praising) of your achievements.
The app was written in Ruby using Sinatra and the source can be found here.
Twenty-One X
Logo / brand identity for non-profit.
Alien Character Illustration
Fox Illustration
Grey Vector Character Illustration for animation
Illustration for a short story done in Corel Painter.
Illustration for a short story done in Corel Painter.