A digital artist residing in Sacramento, CA whose passionate about making beautiful things.
Dota streaker is a ruby/sinatra app.
It makes two series of API calls - one to get a match list for the player, and then another to get the match details for the last X (currently 8) matches to determine the win results for those matches, which results in 9 calls total.
It then takes the converted steam ID and finds the team they were on in order to compare that to the winning team of the match and results the output, with a snarky/complementary remark below it. No information is cached so it’s live up to the second.
Twenty-One X
Logo / brand identity for non-profit.
Frank Character Illustration
Birds Logo / Illustration
Alien Character Illustration
Adventure Time Illustration
Fox Illustration
Grey Vector Character Illustration for animation
Illustration for a short story done in Corel Painter.